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Arthur Taylor brokers peaceful rearrest of fugitive using helicopter

A fugitive has been helicoptered out of dense Otago bush aided by notorious career criminal Arthur Taylor, who brokered a peaceful arrest.

Wanted fugitive James Bryant appears in court after helicopter escapade

Wanted man James Bryant gives himself up into police custody

Hate speech, threats and chilling requests: Letters from Philip Arps, Robert Conchie Harris and George Baker that Corrections should have stopped

Newshub has received multiple letters from Philip Arps – another white supremacist – who has been busy writing hate-filled letters.

Letter claiming to be from Witness C threatens prosecutors: 'I'll bring the ice cream'

A letter apparently from double-murderer Witness C and threatening those involved in prosecuting him has been referred to the police and courts.

Murderer and notorious jailhouse snitch Roberto Conchie Harris, who made up evidence at David Tamihere's 1990 double murder trial, has died in prison.

Murderer and infamous 'Witness C' perjurer Roberto Conchie Harris dies in prison

Murderer and notorious jailhouse snitch Roberto Conchie Harris, who made up evidence at David Tamihere’s 1990 double murder trial, has died in prison.

Arthur Taylor, the jailhouse lawyer now cruising in an old police car

Jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor and his wheels – a former police vehicle

Prison boss apologises after staff wrongly blocked Arthur Taylor’s Prison Break, Jared Savage’s Gangland books

A prison boss has apologised after workers wrongly blocked inmates from accessing Arthur Taylor’s tell-all memoir Prison Break

Bad paperwork and torture: Will Arthur Taylor's latest case against the Crown be his last?

Jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor and the Department of Corrections have been in a battle of wills for decades. Where does it end?

Exclusive: 'Jailhouse lawyer' Arthur Taylor engaged to younger woman he met through Facebook

But now Arthur Taylor is hitting headlines for another reason – true love.

Prison Break: The extraordinary true story behind New Zealand's most infamous career criminal and prolific escapee.

Arthur Taylor is New Zealand’s best known, most influential, and colourful career criminal. A household name, he was paroled from prison in 2019 after more than 38 years behind bars.

Criminal or justice crusader?

There are many Arthurian legends.

Arthur Taylor bids farewell to ‘modern-day ball and chain’

Finishing a sentence of more than 17 years is a weight off Arthur Taylor’s shoulders — and his ankle.

Jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor defends Bronwyn Warwick on the run

Police are still looking for a “dangerous” pensioner who was convicted of murdering an elderly woman and kidnapping and robbing a law student in the past 30 years.

New Zealand fugitive charters helicopter to police station

A man who had been on the run in rural New Zealand hired a helicopter to fly to a police station and surrender.

Arthur Taylor subject to cruel inhuman treatment – Ombudsman: chief executive implicated

During his current incarceration in Paremoremo, Arthur Taylor has got right up the noses of Corrections officials by repeatedly taking them to court.

Criminal, jailhouse lawyer, and now debt collector - Arthur Taylor's new job

Prominent jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor has embarked on a new career, his first legitimate job since 2004.


Arthur Taylor: What it’s like to be strip searched in prison

In an excerpt from his new book Prison Break, Arthur Taylor explains how strip searches work in prison – and how, three years ago, he pushed back.

FireShot Capture 1949 - Arthur Taylor hits out at 'bloody cheek' of effort to recoup over $2_ -

Arthur Taylor hits out at 'bloody cheek' of effort to recoup over $200k in legal costs

Notorious jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor says a push to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs by the Attorney-General was excessive, and they ‘’have a bloody cheek’’.


Murder of Urban Höglin and Heidi Paakkonen

Swedish tourists Sven Urban Höglin, aged 23, and his fiancée Heidi Birgitta Paakkonen, aged 21, disappeared while tramping on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand in 1989.


Jailhouse snitches: How to control the worst of witnesses

New Zealand is finally attempting to deal with the problem of jailhouse snitches, known to have caused hundreds of wrongful convictions worldwide. - The murky world of jailhouse snitches

The first jailhouse witness to be convicted of perjury was prosecuted by a prisoner and a pensioner rather than the police.

Arthur Taylor - Who is he?

Arthur who? You must know. That old crim who keeps popping up in the news with the regularity of whale strandings.


Statement of Arthur Taylor

Royal Commission of Enquiry, retrieved 14/1/24

Swedish backpacker killings: Witness C, who lied at David Tamihere's trial, unmasked as a murderer

New Zealand Herald – 26 April 2018. Retrieved 26 April 2018.

Interview: Arthur Taylor

Newshub 27 February 2016

Jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor declined parole until 2019 1 March 2018. Retrieved 1 March 2018.

Career criminal earned six-figure income in prison

One of the country’s most-notorious career criminals pulled in a six-figure income while in prison – then picked up legal aid as well.

Guards handcuffed as prisoner escaped, court told

Prisoner Arthur Taylor escaped from guards, handcuffed two together then fled, only to be recaptured when he fell through a toilet ceiling, the Crown alleges.

Two of Burton's jail-break mates out in community

Two of the three prisoners who escaped with Graeme Burton from Paremoremo prison in 1998 are back in the community.

Long serving inmate Arthur Taylor still too dangerous for release - Parole Board

The Parole Board deems high profile and long serving inmate Arthur Taylor too dangerous for early release, a report released today has revealed.

Career crim Arthur Taylor confident of parole 4 September 2013. Retrieved 8 November 2017.

Supreme Court: Ban on prisoner voting inconsistent with Bill of Rights

Prisoner and “jailhouse lawyer” Arthur Taylor was behind the legal challenge.

High Court declaration on prisoner voting rights upheld

Arthur Taylor has successfully campaigned for the right for inmates to vote.

Ex-prisoner Arthur Taylor wins court costs for prisoner voting rights case

The Court of Appeal ruled Arthur Taylor should be awarded costs after he successfully argued prisoners had voting rights.

Ex-con Arthur Taylor: 'I take full responsibility'

Career criminal Arthur Taylor has served nearly 40 years behind bars, had over 150 convictions for bank robbery, fraud, theft, possessing weapons and explosives, and escaping.

The woman who fell for notorious inmate Arthur Taylor

“No, I’m not one of those crazy women who write to men in prison, and no, I wasn’t looking for love. I’ve gone into this with my eyes wide open.”

Behind bars with Arthur Taylor - one of NZ's longest serving prisoners

Surprisingly, during the later part of 40 years in jail, Arthur Taylor has found a whole lot of love. Taylor, who turns 62 this year, has developed a passion for the law and fallen head over heels for a much younger Canadian woman….

Arthur Taylor asks why me?

I don’t know if that was exactly verbatim. But I have been told Arthur Taylor’s most forceful question to the Court in his recent appearance…

David Tamihere's murder convictions will be heard by Court of Appeal again

David Tamihere’s double-murder case is heading back to the Court of Appeal, Justice Minister Andrew Little says.

Double murderer David Tamihere appeals conviction

The man convicted of murdering two Swedish tourists in 1989 has a fresh chance to clear his name.

David Tamihere appeal: Evidence of perjurer key for defence's case

“That is a potent recipe for a miscarriage of justice.”

Tamihere witness 'lied': Arthur Taylor

A prison informant who gave evidence against convicted murderer David Tamihere is being sued for perjury by serial litigant Arthur Taylor.

‘I made it up.’

Top cop allegedly confessed to prominent NZer that he framed David Tamihere

A chilling message to jailhouse snitches: How prisoner co-ordinated perjury case from behind bars

Arthur Taylor’s courtroom victory in one of NZ’s most notorious murder mysteries sends a chilling message to snitches.

Arthur Taylor says David Tamihere would be acquitted if granted retrial

Inmate Arthur Taylor says he “feels in his bones” that David Tamihere would be acquitted if granted a retrial. | By Newshub Nation | Facebook

Jailhouse lawyer to jailhouse informants: 'I might come for you'

Arthur Taylor has a warning for “secret witnesses” who provide false testimony.

The Woman Who Supported Arthur Taylor Through Four Decades In Prison

”As much as Arthur has done the time all these years, I’ve done it alongside him.”

Notorious career criminal Arthur Taylor released from prison

The “jailhouse lawyer” says he will miss some of the good guys on the inside.

It's the interview prison bosses didn't want you to see.

Career criminal and campaigner Arthur Taylor speaks with The Nation from prison this Saturday… | By Newshub Nation | Facebook

Second 'secret witness' targeted in Tamihere case

Arthur Taylor successfully prosecuted Witness C last year, now he’s going after Witness B.

Corrections spent $86,000 trying to block prison interview with Arthur Taylor

Corrections spent $86,000 trying to block prison interview with Arthur Taylor

Arthur Taylor released from prison | “Beautiful morning to be out of prison, isn’t it?” Tonight, Checkpoint talks to one of New Zealand’s most high-profile prisoners, Arthur Taylor, who… | By RNZ | Facebook

I’m one of only a few jailhouse lawyers in the world named in this Wikipedia article

Career crim Arthur Taylor confident of parole 4 September 2013. Retrieved 8 November 2017.

Arthur Taylor: criminal mastermind or justice crusader?

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