Wednesday, 22 March 2023

A judge labelled a Dunedin man “a coward and a bully” as she jailed him for treating a woman in a “revolting fashion”.

At 8pm on April 1 last year, Kayne Dalton William Joseph (35) and a woman were at his home watching a movie when he became offended by something she said, the Dunedin District Court heard yesterday.

He back-handed the woman with so much force that her tooth went through her gum, causing injuries and bruising to the inside of her mouth.

In an effort to remove the victim from his bed, Joseph grabbed her by the hair telling her to “get out”.

When she resisted, Joseph only pulled harder, bracing himself by putting his foot on the wall until she was dragged out.

The woman left the address in her pyjamas with pain and discomfort to her neck.

Six days later, the woman received several angry phone calls from Joseph, accusing her of stealing from him.

He threatened to have his associates pay her a visit.

Judge Emma Smith said his actions were demeaning, “had clearly caused injuries” and had caused the woman to be treated in a “revolting fashion”.

“You are a coward and a bully,” Judge Smith said.

“You continue to offend regularly and at pace.”

Judge Smith called him a “recidivist” — drawing attention to his previous offences that ran “for some 15 pages”.

She briefly touched on Joseph’s troubled past, addressing him in court: “You have a background of tragic, tragic, distressing care.

“You were treated in a way that no child should be treated … especially in New Zealand. Those life experiences have affected your ability to operate in a safe fashion in the community.”

The judge acknowledged the victim may take little solace in the factors that played into the man’s cyclical offending.

Joseph was sentenced to 14 months’ imprisonment on charges of assault and threatening language