This is a “victim impact statement” former disgraced Rimutaka screw Murray Kitching submitted in an attempt to get more than $44,340.91 in “compensation” from me.

Needless to say, it was thrown out.

You might notice one major contradiction here; he claims to have been “terrified” and “traumatised” (for years) but says he “chased the two guys”. Now I’m surprised that if he was as traumatised and terrified as he claims that he did that.

As a matter of interest, this guy Kitching was known at Waikeria (where he worked before transferring to Rimutaka) as a particularly nasty piece of work who took every opportunity he could to make prisoners lives harder than they had to be.

He carried on the same at Rimutaka where he was disliked (if not hated) not only by the prisoners but many fellow screws didn’t like working with him because he provoked reaction from the prisoners that rebounded on them as well.

In short, the so-called victim impact statement and his claim to the Victims Claims Tribunal are full of outright lies, and exaggerated to the max where there is a grain of truth.

Piss off Murray and get on with life without blaming other people for all your misfortunes in life. Most of them have been brought on by your bad karma and how you treat other people. Now, you’ve been told you are not a “victim” of mine by the Victims Claims Tribunal so stop telling anyone who will listen you are.

You heard the old saying : “if you cant take it don’t dish it out.”

The ‘Thrown out’ decision:

Thrown out